1. Focus on the Family: A great website offering resources for parenting, marriages, and many other topics.


2. Honorbound Men’s Ministry: A website specifically geared for men…check it out!


3. What I Do: A website in partnership with 100 Huntley Street. This site highlights testimonials from Christians who work in the marketplace.


4. Financial Resources: Dave Ramsey is a well known author and radio personality…this is a great website with plenty of financial advice and resources.


5. Spiritual Resources for Men: Man in the Mirror is a great resource that helps men live lives of purity!


6. Men’s Ministries (USA): A Men’s Ministry website with great resources!


7. The Half Time Report: This Canadian website includes special interests that men have including fishing, sports and many other hobbies.  Listen to some inspiring stories about men who have been journeying with God.  You will find dozens of men talking to other men about what it means to follow Christ.


8. XXXchurch.com: XXXchurch exists to strengthen your resolve to stay pure by bringing awareness, openness, accountability and recovery to the church, society and individuals in the issues of pornography.



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